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Hydrotherapy has been employed in a variety of forms for rehabilitation of the canine patient. Whether initiated to improve limb function and weight bearing in lieu of surgery or for  postoperative rehabilitation.  It is an excellent for of physiotherapy, as well as exercise, and benefits many dogs with a range of conditions such as:

    * Arthritis                        * Back Problems                        * Muscle Wastage

    *  Hip Dysplasia          * Joint Disease                            * Recovery from Surgery  


  •   Restoration of muscle function is critical after injury, surgery or a period of muscle disuse.
  • Water provides more resistance than air while supporting unstable or healing structures.
  • This additional support reduces the likelihood of injury to muscles thereby reducing swelling and soreness.
  • Exercise in water affords full active and passive range of motions of joints.


At Cross Green Farm we try to make your dog's swimming sessions a stress free and enjoyable experience. Each dog is booked for a half an hour appointment where your dog has sole use of the heated pool.

On arrival your dog is fitted with a buoyancy jacket. Your dog is then encouraged to walk up the ramp to gain access to the pool. Another ramp leads into the water so your dog may enter the pool gradually. Upon making contact with the water our team will encourage them to swim for up one minute, then a pulse rate will be taken to determine the fitness of your dog. Depending on your dog's pulse rate our team will evaluate and set swimming times accordingly. Times are increased depending on your dog's fitness level. After swimming your dog will be showered, shampooed and dried.

Take a look at the pool in action! 

Big News! Our regular swimmer Oscar is famous! Congratulations on your hard work to win PDSA's slimmer of the year 2016!! Check out his story. 

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